About Racing


ttralogo  Horse racing in Trinidad and Tobago has existed since the early 1800's with the racing activity conducted by a number of private clubs, mainly at the
  Queen's Park Savannah and elsewhere in the country.

 In 1897 the Trinidad Turf Club was established and with its affiliation to the powerful Jockey Club of England, horse racing acquired a newfound status and recognition, and more importantly the implementation of standard Rules of Racing. The Trinidad Turf Club therefore assumed the dual role of Turf Authority as well as Promoter of racing for the next 97 years.

           In 1976 however, as a result of clamours from the Racehorse Owners Association; Government took over the control of the regulatory aspects of the local horse racing industry with the establishment of the Trinidad and Tobago Racing Authority. By Act of Parliament (No. 45 of 1976) and which accordingly replace the
Trinidad Turf Club as the controlling arm of racing, however the club still maintain its status as a Promoter of racing.

           Under the provisions of Law governing the Trinidad and Tobago Racing Authority are the following responsibilities:-

       Make all such rules as are necessary.

    • Undertake the registration of racehorses, dogs and the owners thereof.
    • Issue such licences and grant such permits as may be required by the Act.
    • Establish training schemes for Jockeys, Stable Lads, and other personnel in the Racing Industry.
    • Administer and enforce rules made under Section 17 of the Act and Regulations made under Section 19 of the Act.
    • Hear all disputes arising out of the Rules of Racing made under Section 17 of the Act. 


           To uphold the integrity of the Racing Industry in Trinidad and Tobago, so as to ensure fair play for all participants without fear or favor.